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Service Design
We use the Design Native approach, a high-impact problem-solving framework to gain insights on the customer behaviour.
  • Existing Product
  • New Product

Process/Persona Mapping

Deep dive into the business operations to understand the processes and map the user journey for the users involved

UX Review

Review workflows to understand process and recommend best practices for screen interaction and flow


Implement component driven design based on evidence from concrete user research and acceptance testing

User Testing

Employee methods such as guerrilla testing, heat map analysis and A/B testing to improve user experience

User Research

Conduct competitor analysis, deep dive into the business processes and user personas to understand user needs

User Journey Mapping

Create user personas, catalog their capabilities, limitations and needs to map the journey for each persona


Capture features and collaborate with customer on MVPs. Create and validate omni-channel wireframe


Design scalable UI components and create inspiring screens which capture the user’s imagination

Our Works

Fraud detection tool for E-commerce platform

Global Anti-Fraud Detection Tool

Enterprise order management tool

Global Order Visibility

Mapping the order-flow management

Order Profile Management


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