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Product Design
We focus on goal-oriented design. We work with engineers and product owners to validate your idea and design simplified solution to provide a great customer experience and seamless adoption.
  • Existing Product
  • New Product

UX/UI Review and Analysis

Understand usability of the product and recommend on context building , screen interaction and flow


Undersatnd product features and optimize user experience through high fidelity wire-frame and validate the same


Design scalable UI components and create screens which showcase better usability and experience

User Testing

Implement multiple testing techniques on prototypes and beta/staging sites. Listen to the end users to iterate

User Research

Conduct competitor analysis, deep dive into business processes and user personas to understand user needs

User Journey Mapping

Identify user personas, map their journeys, accommodate scale & business complexities in the requirement


Identify and group product features and prioritize. Collaborate with dev and business teams to plan release


Create high fidelity wire frames to showcase MVP features. Get validation from customers and design to scale

Our Works

Identifying the root cause for code break


Application / Website
Evaluating the shopping experience

Mystery Box

Monitoring the application performance

Extreme Performance Engg.


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