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Design is in our DNA
Our Design Native Approach is a framework for continuos
design and implementation.
Our Philosophy
We take a design first approach to solve and build sustainable design solutions. We call it “DNA” Design Native Approach. Our ideas are not a retrofit to a rigid model.
We are a cohesive design species, we learn to adapt & evolve. True to our nature, we listen to our customer, learn what they do, fit into their shoes, empathize their need and recommend the course corrections.
We broadly classify our process into three phases: Perceive, Adapt and Evolve. All phases are interconnected and work in tandem with each other. Below you will find brief description of what encompasses each stage, the people & tools involved at each stage and the conclusive output.
  • Perceive
  • Adapt
  • Evolve
Think & Define
Asking the right question to set objectives to be realized
  • Understand customer needs
  • Identify pain points
  • Define problem statements
Collaborate & Build
Working together to create seamless and delightful customer experience
  • Overlay dependencies
  • Establish process & data correlation
  • Validate prototypes
Test & Learn
Listening to the end-user through data to scale faster.
  • Conduct user acceptance test
  • Build design models
  • Publish & iterate
Diverse and Collaborative Team
People with the game plan, creativity and logic collaborate to deliver great outcomes.
We place great emphasis on “strategy” while understanding the customer need, we then apply design principles at scale to convert ideas into tangible work products.
Our workspace reflects our collaborative approach. Product owners and designers hangout with developers and projects managers. Our team believes in iterative approach to both design & development. Faster feedback loops & lesser Queue determine our delivery metric.