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Our Services
We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage startups to big enterprises, to create digital products and services which create big impact.
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Service Design
We use the Design Native approach, a high-impact problem-solving framework to gain insights on the customer behaviour.
Our design methods adapt omni channel prototypes, heat maps and behavioral maps to learn user interactions, gain faster feedback & iterate changes to enhance design and experience on every touch point of products & services. Know More >>
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Product Design
We focus on goal-oriented design. We work with engineers and product owners to validate your idea and design simplified solution to provide a great customer experience and seamless adoption.
We’re passionate about colors, shapes, types, information design, complex interactions & data correlations. Everyone at Littlebrahma does hands on research, flow, and walk that extra mile in nailing customer delight. Know More >>
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Branding & Communication
We help you to build relationships and connect with the human world through our strong storytelling and visual branding expertise. We deep-dive into your organizational cultural and use our creativity to build a strong brand value for you.
We help to communicate your vision and values to your audience. Define what you stand for and share with the outside world your thoughts by making an identity of yourself. Know More >>